Podcasting Platforms

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October 2021
4 min read

There are countless platforms to consume podcasts. You may have already heard of  Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Pocketcasts. But what are some platforms for creating podcasts?
For those just starting out, all-in-one podcast hosts can be a highly valuable tool for content recording, content management, and audience analytics and support. Here is a list of top podcast hosts and a brief overview of their services: 

  • Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout is the most accessible platform for beginner podcasts. With a basic service offered at no extra cost allowing 2 hours of free uploads per month and an easy interface, this is helpful for those still apprehensive about podcasting.
  • Podbean. Podbean offers a very similar service to Buzzsprout, with a limited free service and upscaling based upon audience demand and uploads. Notable features of Podbean include a phone app to track audience data and their YouTube service, which simultaneously creates and uploads the podcast on the video platform.
  • Anchor. Anchor is unique in their service as a podcast host for their editing software, which allows uploaders to customise their work without the need for additional software. By operating as an all-in-one platform for podcast production and uploading, they can be very appealing to beginners. However, as they are owned by Spotify, those prioritising platforms other than Spotify may prefer other hosting sites.
  • Spreaker/Acast. Spreaker and Acast are relatively barebones podcasting platforms for beginners in podcasting. Their premium offerings relates to their monetisation options for large-scale publishers, and therefore they are not recommended for researchers.
  • Zencast. Zencast is a barebones platform with no particular distinguishing features compared to other hosts. Their primary clients are large corporations, and it is not suggested prospective podcast hosts utilise their services.
  • Soundtrap. Soundtrap is a hybrid music production/podcast platform. For the field of international development, it is not recommended that their services are used.


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