Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development: collaboration, coordination, solidarity

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Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development

The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) signals a new phase for international development. With it comes an opportunity to critically assess how new development goals and milestones are likely to be shaped and delivered against this ambitious agenda.

A key step in achieving these development goals will be to identify priorities based on both new and longstanding knowledge gaps in order to help orient decision-making processes and the allocation of limited funding. This must involve a set of research priorities that engage the academic community with the challenges and opportunities faced by practitioners and policy-makers.

Bill Pritchard
Bill Pritchard of the University of Sydney presenting at RDI Conference 2017

Research and evaluation that underlies development policy agendas has not always been effectively translated into practice. One way to do this is to combine the expertise of academics, practitioners and policy-makers to design approaches to research that maximise development impact.

The conference aims to facilitate cross-sector debate among academics, practitioners and policy-makers that contributes to new approaches to practice, challenging traditional disciplinary boundaries and thinking. The outcome of the conference will be a set of workable partnership approaches that have the potential for impact on sustainable development.

Conference Objectives

The RDI Conference 2017 aimed to:

  1. Produce a shared understanding of impact on sustainable development and showcase a series of functional partnership approaches that have built solidarity and led to measurable impact.
  2. Facilitate cross-sector dialogue and debate among academics, practitioners and policy-makers and businesses; challenging traditional disciplinary boundaries with the purpose of surfacing opportunities for working together.
  3. Identify and investigate challenges associated with partnering for research for development impact, and support a solutions-based approach to collaboration.
  4. Add to existing knowledge banks of research from Australia and internationally related to key international sustainable development challenges.
  5. Create a platform for the proposal of innovative approaches to research partnerships and facilitate the testing and pursuing of these approaches, including partnering with peer institutions and organisations.
  6. Explore challenges and opportunities of new technologies in development research, practice and partnerships, including examples of effective innovation.


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RDI Conference 2017 featured a dynamic line-up of sector leaders and thinkers, providing valuable insights towards partnerships and collaboration across traditional divides.


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