Critical Thoughts on social media

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October 2021
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It is becoming more and more apparent that having a curated, professional online presence is now commonly expected for many different professions – from academia to activists. With this strong presence, comes a need to critically understand the risks as well as the rewards for social media.
Not only that, but is being online professionally all it is worked up to be or is it a timewaster?

  • Time-Consuming
    In order to build your brand, it does require time and self-promotion on the platforms. It does require dedicated time and energy to share personal posts, as well as interact with others. It is also a commitment and not just a once off task. However, it is a beneficial resource to help grow and develop your professional brand!
  • Risk of Backlash
    Just like any online forum, there is the risk of negative responses and backlash. To avoid these incidents you want to make sure you maintain a balance of professionalism. Also, have a think before posting about whether it is not only appropriate but also productive.
  • What About the Benefits Though?
    Yes there are risks, but there is no denying the rewards of social media. By simply having a  presence and connecting with others, you can gain a real sense of inclusion and community. It also is a great opportunity to find voices that otherwise may not have been heard.
  • Social Media and International Development: Academic Texts
    If you are interested in the topic, or wanting to deep dive further into critical perspectives this is the resource for you. This Global South production has approximately 100 different avenues, in a range of formats. 


Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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