Evidence-Based Practice: What’s Next?

RDI Network
December 2021
3 min read

During 2020, the RDI Network co-hosted an online network event with the International Development Contractors Community (IDCC) to explore a post COVID-19 world. A world where budgets are tighter, grants and consultancies are (even) more competitive, in which, the pressure to demonstrate ‘real-world impact’ and ‘reach’ is at odds with real-life time pressures and budget lines. Added to that, the current DFAT policy, Partnerships for Recovery, states that it is committed to “monitoring, evaluation, research, learning and adaptation (MERLA).” What does that actually mean?
Download the event notes of event held on 16 Sept 2020 on ‘the new normal’ as we grapple with how independent consultants, contractors, and practitioners can time-efficiently deliver evidence-based practice, and communicate research (and M&E findings) more effectively.

The panel of experts included Lavinia Tyrrel, Practice Manager and Deputy Technical Lead, Governance and Development Practice from Abt Associates; Sahar Mohy-Ud-Din, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and Managing Director of RADAF: Research and Development Africa; David Goodwins, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and independent consultant; and our very own Whitney Yip, RDI Network Communication Coordinator.

The host and MC was Dr. Bernadette Whitelum, Chief Executive Officer & Director of the Whitelum Group