Pathways Through Disruptions (Exclusively Online)

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The 2021 RDI Network Conference aims to showcase research, initiatives, and innovations that could inform the future of sustainable development and socio-economic recovery in the Pacific and Southeast Asia regions.

The focus on recovery refers to the impacts created by recent major disruptions (both positive and negative ones) at regional and global scale (not limited to COVID-19), and the innovation and opportunities emerging from those disruptions.

The conference is structured into four sub-themes:

1. Pathways to Sustainable Development 

From disruption to achieving integrated sustainable development through intersectional, localised, digitalised, and transformative action.

2. Pathways to Improved Response and Recovery

The future of emergency and disaster preparedness, coordination, response and recovery.

3. Forging Pathways Through Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaborating and learning for improved practice, and the implementation of sustainable development and emergency response

4. Pathways to Enhanced Climate Change Adaptation

Towards sustainable biodiversity and environmental management with reference to livelihoods and adaptation of livelihoods, and industries focal to the Pacific and Southeast Asian countries such as sustainable tourism, fishery, agriculture, extractives, and other significant industries for the region.

There are also three overarching cross cutting themes of future-orientated, people-centred, and intersectionality.

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