Training Module and Further Resources

Ethical Practice Training Module

The RDI Network has developed a comprehensive ethical practice training module targeted at NGO practitioners and researchers of international development.

The module involves content for a full-day workshop of interactive learning, and includes the provision of practical tools and guidance related to the conduct of research and evaluations in international development contexts.

The digital version of the Ethical Practice Starter Kit provides a sampler of the content which is contained in the full module.

The full training module is available for purchase by organisations to run in-house or can be run by RDI Network approved facilitators. Details of the costs for the module are provided below.


This package is designed to guide the facilitation of a workshop/s within your organisation or institution by an in-house, experienced trainer or facilitator.

What’s included?

  • Comprehensive facilitator notes and guidance, as well as the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the workshop
  • The complete participant training materials
  • Additional readings to support the module content

Cost: $2,000 incl. GST provides unlimited use of the module. Discounted rate of $1,500 incl. GST for small organisations (below 20 staff).


This package provides the content and facilitation of a full-day workshop within your organisation or institution by an approved trainer or facilitator.

What’s included?

  • A qualified and experienced external facilitator to host a full-day workshop
  • A copy of the complete training materials for each participant
  • Additional readings to support the module content

Cost: $500 incl. GST, plus $120/participant (min of 8). Venue and catering to be provided by host organisation.

To make an enquiry or to purchase the Ethical Practice Training Module, please get in touch.

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Upcoming Ethical Practice workshops

The RDI Network will run the training module as face-to-face workshops on a semi-regular basis according to demand. These workshops will be open to individuals from any organisation or institution.

There are no upcoming ethical practice workshops currently scheduled. If you would like to attend a workshop in your city, please get in touch.

Ethics approval processes

Meeting the relevant ethics approval requirements in-country is essential for research integrity, both in terms of the conduct of the research and the products and outcomes. The RDI Network has undertaken a desk-review of ethics approval processes in select countries in the Asia-Pacific region. You can find the products from this review here.