Internal stakeholder relationships

RDI Network
August 2021
4 min read

Your internal stakeholders are the people you work with in the same organisation that have overlapping interests with yours. You may have other teams or individuals who influence your work or may be affected by the work you do. Gaining their support can be important for decision making, cooperation, aligning timelines, or simply to prevent obstruction. Understanding and working closely with your internal stakeholders will be important for your success. 

  • Understand your stakeholders. Whether it is called a stakeholder management plan or people map, understanding who your stakeholders are is important. Find out what they do, what they think is important and why.
  • Find out their work cycles. Aligning your work with their work priorities and reporting cycles can increase collaborative work together. This means a shared workload for different pieces of work.
  • Share information. Sharing information that may be relevant to others’ work or interests in your organisation shows that you are a collegial workmate, and can be relied on to be collaborative and be a part of (cross-functional) team.

Here are some other resources to help with effective internal stakeholder management:

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