Resources for Un-Knowing

RDI Network
September 2021
5 min read

To get started on your decolonisation journey, follow some of these websites, newsletters, and discussion spaces.
This is not an exhaustive list, so please let us know if you more suggestions.  

  • Convivial Thinking provides a safe platform to do just that; this space provides encouragement and opportunities to use alternative methods to challenge the ‘norms’ of development thinking and doing. 
  • Fair partnerships, genuine localisation and agency to local communities across all levels of development and management in disasters is what NEAR upholds as their goal and mission.  
  • Development with a side of humor please! This is served up via Notprofitaf’s blog post that covers a range of topics from capacity building to fundraising. 
  • Global Tapestry of Alternatives (GTA) declares it is time to collaborate and exchange. This initiative ticks all the boxes of decolonising development by encouraging constructive and challenging discussions, solidarity, and providing visibility.
  • Decolonial Dialogues promotes an update production of knowledge through the sharing of activism, research and inclusion approaches. 
  • Looking for a platform that favors non-western marginalised sources that aim to break the hegemonic cycle? Decolonial Subversions is here to do just that. 
  • The Decolonisation Group not only provides a forum for the study of decolonisation, but also has reading lists that support a decolonised syllabus. 
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