Ethical Practice Starter Kit

Welcome to the digital version of the Starter Kit: Ethical Practice for Research and Evaluation in Development. Here you will find an abridged version of the full Starter Kit which is provided as part of the complete training module available to individuals and organisations.
This Starter Kit should be utilised as a complement to the Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Research and Evaluation in Development.
International development work, including research and evaluation practice, relies upon the development of strong and trusting relationships between development practitioners, researchers, local partners and communities. The aim of this Starter Kit is to encourage NGO practitioners working in international development to incorporate a culture of ethical inquiry into their research and evaluation practice.
This Starter Kit introduces each of the four Principles for Ethical Research and Evaluation in Development separately. Under each Principle there are a series of basic introductory tools to assist NGO practitioners in understanding how to translate each of these Principles and concepts into a research and/or evaluation setting.
While presented here separately, all four Principles are intrinsically linked.
Watch this short video for an overview of the four Principles, and then explore each Principle in detail via the sections below.