Diaspora Learning Network

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The RDI Network is a member of the Diaspora Learning Network (DLN), working collaboratively with peer organisations to produce quality research and inform policy and practice for and with diaspora communities engaging in international development, peacebuilding and humanitarian response.

The DLN hosted its inaugural conference, Diasporas in Action: Working together for peace, development and humanitarian response, in September 2016.

The Outcomes Report of the conference details the conference proceedings, highlighting key learnings from our keynote and community presenters, as well as identifying key calls to action for target stakeholders including international non-government organisations, diaspora community organisations and policy-makers.

Diasporas in Action - Outcomes Report

Diasporas in Action - Outcomes Report

To read more about the Diasporas in Action Conference, visit the conference website.

To learn more about the Diaspora Learning Network or get involved, click here.

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Diaspora Learning Network Seminars 2018

In advancing the dialogues commencing during the Diasporas in Action conferences, the DLN was supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to host a series of learning seminars on issues associated with diaspora community engagement. To date, three seminars have been held on the following topics:

  • Peacebuilding and reconciliation
  • Diaspora responses in times of disaster and other crises
  • Market shapers and business builders furthering the SDGs

These seminars brought together representatives from diaspora community organisations, civil society groups, academics and more to explore how different actors are contributing to positive change globally through diaspora-driven relationships and links.

The outcomes reports from these seminars can be downloaded below.

Diaspora Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

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Diaspora Responses in Times of Disaster and Other Crises

Diaspora Market Shapers and Business Builders

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