A year in the life: RDI Network

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RDI Conf dinner
Monica Barone (City of Sydney) addresses RDI Conference 2017 dinner

Reflecting on the year that has been, it is encouraging to consider all that has been achieved by the RDI Network and our community of members, participants and contributors.

We are excited to share with you our annual snapshot, and celebrate all that we have achieved together towards our core Network objectives to lead and support:

  • effective, ethical development research practice;
  • cross-sector partnerships and linkages; and
  • uptake and use of evidence in policy and practice.

This snapshot showcases the range of events, resources, collaborations and engagements which we have led, partnered towards and otherwise supported. Highlights have included:

We particularly would like to acknowledge the significant contributions made by our Steering Committee and our key partners – DFAT and ACFID – throughout the year, as well as the active participation and contribution made by you – our community.

We look forward to continuing to advance our goals together, and invite you to consider how you might engage further with the Network in 2018.

We will be taking a break until 2 January, 2018. In the meantime, we wish you all a happy holiday season!