Winners Announced: RDI Conference Photography Exhibition

Topics Cross-sector partnerships | Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

One of the highlights from RDI Conference 2017 last week at the University of Sydney was the inaugural conference photography exhibition, showcasing narratives of partnership in practice sourced from a range of organisations across diverse organisations in the international development sector.

This exhibition was made possible by the generous support of AgImpact, who specialise in the implementation of digital data collection solutions for development, in the health and agriculture sectors.

The exhibition incorporated the award of a shared prize of Oxfam products to two winning entries. The competition was judged on the basis of both the visual and written elements of the submissions:

Viola Designs and the International Women’s Development Agency


Photographer: Anna Carlile

Rita saw that what was lacking in her community was a voice for women. She made the brave decision to be that voice. Through training run by IWDA partner, the Alola Foundation, Rita has learned about public speaking, campaigning and advocating.

Once lacking in confidence, through the support of Alola Foundation, Rita is now fearless. “We now have the opportunity to be leaders… I am ready.” – Rita

CSIRO and Jember University, Indonesia


Photographer: Mr Topo Harmoko

A simple adaptation of a peeling knife substantially increases the speed of peeling cassava for farmers. A competition to see who is the fastest at peeling? Local champion Hasan takes on Gardjita (Head of the National Food Security Agency), Hasan (UNEJ Rector) and Andrew Ash (Australian Research Agency) during the opening ceremony of cassava chips processor, which was the fun part. However, daily the peeling process is undertaken by local 300 women generating a new household income for women. The peeling knife adaptation has made it much easier for them to peel the cassava.

The RDI Network is thankful to all organisations who participated in the exhibition by making a contribution.