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The Network believes in increasing the use of meaningful and ethical research to inform policy and practice. Our core goal is to be ensure that all practice is evidence-based.  

However, that’s a pretty difficult and intangible change to measure!

So, following our Action Research Project, the Network has developed a bespoke tool for organisations to use —the Scorecard on Research for Development (SORD) 

 The SORD provides a mechanism for structured self-reflection. The exercise asks representatives to assess and mark their organisational environment for research use and production across six domains; vision, people, skills, motivation, systems, and resources. 

What you need to do:

This activity should take no more than 30 minutes, ideally representatives go through the scorecard as part of a group discussion with staff in the organisation or institution. Write down discussion notes and rankings, as well as any suggestions shared to strengthen the weakest domain (i.e. people, vision, skills, etc.).

Don’t forget to send us your results at [email protected]

For Research Users:

For Research Producers:

Like you, the Network is also governed by monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL). Over the life of our current three-year program, the SORD insights we will gather will provide evidence of changes in capacity within the sector. It will also generate insights about the drivers and inhibitors of change within universities, ANGOs, managing contractors, consultancy firms and other actors in the international development sector. 

All Australian based organisations and institutions are invited to get involved and ‘score’ themselves and send back their results.

The data collected will be anonymised and deidentified.