Setting the research agenda for humanitarian action

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Ethiopia Humanitarian FHF
Photo: Ethiopia / Michael Amendolia for The Fred Hollows Foundation

The humanitarian system is facing unprecedented challenges. With more protracted crises in the world than ever before and demand for humanitarian funding at an all-time high, humanitarian actors need
 to be more effective and efficient in their work. Australia is a key contributor in the humanitarian space, providing government and public funding, technical support and personnel, and research and thinking that contributes to improving the humanitarian system.

Humanitarian Advisory Group invites you to take part in a short survey to identify research priorities in the Asia and Pacific regions in the humanitarian sphere.

To complete the survey, click this link: Research priorities for humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific – Humanitarian Horizons Research Programme

Launched in 2017, Humanitarian Advisory Group’s Humanitarian Horizons research programme, supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, was established to both inform and elevate the profile of humanitarian action in Asia and the Pacific.

This survey is intended to capture perceptions on research priorities for the region and ensure that subsequent research is useful and applicable to humanitarian action.

The results from this survey will be synthesised together with other interviews, and a desk review of documentation, to produce a scoping report that will outline a suite of research priorities to inform the Humanitarian Horizons research programme. Part of this scoping report will be made public on Humanitarian Advisory Group’s website.

All responses made to the survey will remain anonymous, and your contribution is greatly appreciated.