Research Communications & Uptake: Share your experience!

Topics Evidence-based practice | Evidence-based policy
Zimbabwe research
Credit: Coffey International Development, facilitating learning on the most effective ways to support livelihoods and tackle food insecurity through the Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Program.

As part of a long-term project to improve research communication, translation and uptake into policy and practice across the development sector, the RDI Network is hosting a series of focus-group discussions building an understanding of the current ‘state of play’. This builds upon a sector-wide survey conducted earlier this year, and – whether you completed the survey or not – you are encouraged to take up this opportunity.

We are seeking to reach those who apply evidence in practice (programming, advocacy etc.) and/or policy (organisational, government etc.), and to understand how this evidence is produced, sought, considered, transferred and implemented. In short, we are seeking to learn from those who either produce, broker, or use research in their work (or nay combination of these. These dialogues will lead to the development of recommendations for the RDI Network and the broader sector to improve practice in research communication and uptake in the future.

You are invited to attend a two hour focus group with peers from across the sector, sharing from your experience and helping us to understand a range of perspectives, attitudes and practices, and barriers and enablers to research communication and uptake. You do not need to be an expert in research communications or uptake – but simply a stakeholder in the process.

Focus groups discussions will be held in person, and will take place in three locations on the following dates:

  • Canberra on Thursday 31st May
  • Melbourne on Tuesday 5th June
  • Sydney on Wednesday 13th June

Times are yet to be confirmed, and will depend upon availabilities.

To register your interest in attending any of these focus groups, please get in touch, identifying which location you are able to attend. You will then be provided further details and able to confirm your participation.

What do we mean by research communications and uptake?
Research Communications: “The ability to interpret or translate complex research findings into a language, format and context that people who are not experts in that particular issue can understand.” (DfID)

Research Uptake: “The application of research outputs by users, resulting in outcomes. This may involve complex processes over time, whereby research outputs… are adapted, built upon and operationally applied.” (Australian Research Council)

If you are unable to attend a focus group, but are interested in staying informed about this project, please do get in touch.