Opportunity: Research communications and uptake

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Research Communication options

Are you a researcher with skills and interest in better use and impact of research? Yes? Well read on.

A core objective of the RDI Network is to improve the uptake and impact of international development research in both policy and practice (you can read more about our objectives here). Working towards this objective, the Network is developing a new initiative to support researchers in the sector to improve their skills in research communications and engagement, towards greater uptake and impact of research.

The Network is currently calling for a small number of researchers to join a core reference group for this work. This group will work with the Network secretariat, providing advice and direction, and facilitating linkages to others in their institution or Network as needs.

Specifically, we are seeking individuals with a background or current role within universities and with demonstrated experience in research communications and engagement.

If you are interested in this great opportunity, which will run over the coming six months, please contact us for more information.