New features on the website!

The RDI Network exists to foster collaboration between Australian universities and NGOs to ethical development research, promote evidence-based policy and practice, as well as a to build a network for like-minded academics, researchers, practitioners, and students.

In order to do that, our website allows you to:

So it is with great pleasure that we introduce some new features for our members!

If you haven’t already joined the Network, it is a free membership here. If you’re a returning member, please login and discover a new way to curate your own list of resources and contacts. You can also update your details if you’ve moved to a new post or organisation.

Our new dashboard allows you to save and organise the Network’s reports, guides and other downloadables. You will be able to ‘add’ or ‘remove’ from your collection at any time.

Screenshot of the new dashboard feature; my resources
The ‘My Resources’ area helps you keep a library of your go-to reports and guides

It will also allow you to keep a list of key experts that you’d like to make contact.

Screenshot of new website feature; My Contacts
This is your digital address book for experts to contact

You will also be able to easily keep your details updated. We hope that these new features continues to help us help you in your journey for shared learning and action in the international development sector.

If you have any feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]