Learning from the success of ‘Leading Inclusive Development using Media and Communication’ Roundtable

Topics Cross-sector partnerships | Evidence-based practice | Innovation and technology | Case studies

Communication for Development (C4D) has been a growing discipline for the last three decades. It has made significant progress in dismantling the challenges in communicating complex development work to local communities, and the general public. This year in June, C4D held its third Roundtable at the RDI Conference.

This report, compiled by Valentina Baú and Bhupesh Joshi, shares the insights from four presenters from the Roundtable: Anna Helme, co-founder of EngageMedia; Bill Pheasant, Communications Director of Children’s Ground; Dr. Steve Sharp, TME Media & Education Services; and Allan Soutaris, Head of Technical Innovation of SecondMuse.

The focus was understanding and utilising various mediums to lead inclusive development. Over 15 participants listened and shared their experiences in using innovative media to engage and encouraging local participation and empowerment.

In fact, the importance of C4D has been noted by the United Nations (UN) as a ‘social process that promotes dialogue between communities and decision-makers at local, national and regional levels. Its goal is to promote, develop and implement policies and programmes that enhance the quality of life for all …’

So a big thank to Valentina Baú for organising, and sharing this just-released report with our Members!


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