EOI – Research Comms Learning Framework & Module(s)

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A long-term objective of the RDI Network is to improve the communication of and engagement on international development research. There are already many national and international resources that exist to encourage researchers and academics to think about accessible research communications, uptake pathways, actions and strategies. These resources also encourage practitioners and policy-makers to consider their use of evidence in their policies and programming.

The RDI Network recently released a 2018 report, Research Communication and Uptake Snaphot, which identified the skills, capacity, practice, barriers and enablers that exist in the sector for research communications and uptake. The Snapshot identified key factors that hindered research communication including, amongst others:

  • Academic paywalls to access key research
  • Skill shortages
  • Lack of time to synthesis results of research

To address this challenge, the RDI Network is seeking a consultant(s) with experience in creating learning and development packages, to submit an expression of interest (EoI) to develop a strategic learning framework and learning modules to access relevant, curated materials and resources. The aim is to;

  • Support development researchers and practitioners to easily find high-quality existing resources, materials and guides on research communications, uptake and use such that they may incorporate these into their practice with minimal resistance

Users of the curated materials include the following:

  • Researchers and academics: towards improved skills in engaging practitioners and policy-makers in research processes and communicating research in accessible manner
  • Research translators: towards improved skills in identifying, synthesising, commissioning and communicating research evidence
  • Research users: towards improving demand for and interest in research evidence, processes to identify, engage with research processes and research evidence, determine quality of research evidence, and skills in commissioning relevant research

To learn more about this project, download our Terms of Reference (TOR) here. These are our current requirements, and there is flexibility to discuss.

This project will be managed by Whitney Yip, Network Communications Coordinator, to whom the consultant(s) will report. The RDI Network Steering Group will also engage at key points during the process to provide input, ideas, high-level oversight and quality assurance. The consultant(s) must also be available for regular teleconferences with the steering group.

For Submission of Expressions of Interest: 

Please send an EOI to Whitney Yip, Network Communications Coordinator, at [email protected] with the following:

  • A capacity statement on your / your team’s suitability, experience and availability to undertake the scope of services as described in the TOR and the above selection criteria (max 2 pages);
  • A brief statement of the proposed approach for the project with a detailed timeline (max 2 pages);
  • Samples of your own / your teams work of a similar project; and
  • An accompanying consulting budget inclusive of a daily rate (in line with the DFAT Aid Adviser Remuneration Framework) and any anticipated administrative costs (+GST).

Questions can be directed to Whitney Yip via email at [email protected] or at (03) 8373 2555.

Submissions are requested no later than 31st January 2020 midday AEST. 

The RDI Network works in partnership with the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and has a secretariat based in Melbourne.