Enhancing Research Use in International Development: An Action Research project

Do you want a chance to shift how your organisation perceives, values and supports development research use and impact? 

Enhancing Research Use in International Development provides a timely opportunity to address constraints between knowledge users and producers and within their respective organisations; and test out ways in which more dynamic connections between research-policy-practice can be built and constraints can be shifted.  

Participation in the project will provide benefits to individuals and organisations. Individual volunteers, as research advocates, will gain the opportunity for professional development and mentoring to address organisational barriers to development research use and impact. The project will also provide important space for research advocates to network and learn about how others in the sector are tackling similar issues in their own organisational context. Participating organisations, consortiums, or networks, as research partners, will benefit from identifying pathways to better integrate research and evidence into their work, links across the sector, as well as opportunities for more effective research-policy-practice collaborations.   

What’s involved? 

Research advocates will be drawn from across approximately 12 organisations in the international development sector – including DFAT, Australian universities, NGOs, and the private sector. Participating organisations are encouraged to identify up to three individual research advocates (at middle to senior levels of the organisation)to work together, identify or design, and implement action research initiatives to address policy-practice-relevant research.  

The research advocates will be supported by the four-person facilitation team and work with other participating organisations to develop a sense of mutual supporttest solutions, and reflect on ‘what worked’ and what did not. The results will then be shared amongst research advocates and inform anonymised Recommendations Report and Guidance Document for the sector. In addition, success stories from participating organisations will be shared through RDI Network channels and interim communications products. 

Research advocates will attend two one-day workshops in Melbourne, one at the beginning (Friday, 4 October 2019) and the other near the end (April 2020) of the project 

Read more in the EOI and download the application form to get involved by Friday 30 August.

We look forward to your participation!