DFAT launches Foreign Policy White Paper process

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Earlier this week, the Australian Government launched the Terms of Reference and consultation process for the development of an Australian Foreign Policy White Paper, due for publication in September 2017. The White Paper will define Australia’s economic, security and foreign policy priorities, setting an agenda for the coming ten years.

Public submissions will be one part of a wider program of public consultation. The public call for submissions directly seeks ideas for how the Government can work more effectively with academia and NGOs to advance foreign policy interests, as well as how the Australian aid program can promote prosperity and stability.

Alongside Australia’s aid and international development agencies, we will be making the case to the Government that as a rich, resilient nation and good global citizen, we should work cooperatively with other nations to tackle global challenges like climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
Marc Purcell, ACFID CEO

The RDI Network welcomes this important opportunity to inform the national process, and will work with ACFID to emphasise the value and effectiveness of the Australian Aid Program as an integral element of a broader foreign policy agenda. The Network plans to support ACFID’s written submission to this process during January, and to be involved in expert consultations with the DFAT White Paper Taskforce in February.

Submissions can be made by any individual or organisation to this important process, in advance of the due date 28 February 2017.

To view the White Paper Terms of Reference, click here.

To make a submission to the consultation process, click here.