Cross-sector evidence grants: Successful projects announced!

Topics Cross-sector partnerships | Evidence-based practice | Evidence-based policy

The RDI Network and ACFID have collaborated to offer a series of cross-sector evidence grants to selected ACFID Communities of Practice (CoPs), advancing collaborative projects convening academic and practical expertise within their focus area.

We are pleased to announce the successful recipients of the grants and showcase their projects:

The Sexual Rights in Development CoP: Faith in the future of the ACFID Code of Conduct?

ACFID’s newly revised Code of Conduct places explicit responsibility on all members to recognise, and respond to, intersecting drivers of inequality and marginalisation: including drivers related to gender identity and sexual orientation. This project is intended to support Australia’s faith-based organisations in meeting the requirements of the revised ACFID Code of Conduct. It will advance discussion between faith-based and secular ACFID members, and inform the development of a practice note which will support all ACFID members in the conduct of their projects and programs across diverse faith contexts.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CoP: How can partnerships work for effective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led community development?

This project will foster learning about how partnerships can enable effective development practice, with particular reference drawn from a series of case studies to be documented from community development practice with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia. It will additionally seek to identify the connections between models of effective development practice and the contribution by CoP members and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Organisations toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The project will complement and build upon the Practice Note developed by the CoP in 2014.

The Urban CoP: Neighbourhood-level urban resilience – Pacific

An ongoing review by UNSW of current evidence has identified that there is relatively little research on the impact of urbanisation on the most vulnerable or on what neighbourhood urban
resilience looks like in the Pacific context. Through a dual piece of research, this project will seek to contribute to this inadequate evidence base, highlighting the impact of urbanisation  on Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The CoP will produce a case study from neighbourhood level information gathering in an informal settlement context within the Pacific, and an addendum to the existing policy paper entitled ‘Prosperous and Sustainable Cities for All‘. These will be launched at the Urban Resilience Asia Pacific Conference in Sydney on 7-8 November.


These projects will be delivered by September 2018, and will offer new knowledge and evidence for the benefit of the whole sector.

ACFID and the RDI Network were pleased by the significant interest generated by this call, and the genuine collaboration and engagement processes demonstrated by the high number of quality submissions received. We plan to use this round of grants to inform future opportunities for generating collaborative work which cuts across sectors using the expertise contained within the CoPs.

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