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Dear RDI Network,

We are currently being bombarded with news regarding COVID-19 to the extent that it might seem – and, most of the time is – overwhelming. Nonetheless, it is important to remind ourselves that it is essential to be prepared and well informed about what is and what is to come. The development sector has been acutely affected by the pandemic. In order to support our members to continue to adapt and utilise best-practice, we have created a broad list of resources that will be featured semi-permanently in our online newsletter. Subscribe here if you’re not already on our list.

Different topics are discussed and everyone, whether you are a development practitioner or a researcher, will find something useful and noteworthy. The resources provided in the newsletter will change periodically, but we also invite anyone to send us through any requests or additions they wish to be included in the library of resources.

Our curated resource list is divided into four different categories: 

  • Leadership – supporting managers and leaders to guide staff wellbeing
  • Nothing About Us Without Us ­– focusing on needs and lived experiences of people from under-served and marginalised communities
  • Adapting Community Engagement ­– ensuring research still engages with local communities, albeit a little differently
  • Adapting M&E Approaches – effective solutions to continue monitoring and evaluation data collection

We want to filter and reduce the noise produced by this sudden overload of information. As Vu says, time for organising and advocacy for just change is now.



  • Workplace quiz: COVID-19 Employee Well-Being Tool. Use the tool to quickly gauge the collective emotional and mental well-being of your team. Developed by Emplify. [Online quiz]
  • DLP COVID-19 Leadership Observatory. Weekly newsletter that supports leadership by collecting and summarising leadership focussed pieces most useful for understanding developmental leadership during the crisis.. [Newsletter subscription]
  • Living Guidelines –  supporting Australia’s healthcare professionals with continually updated, evidence-based clinical guidelines for caring for people with COVID-19. Weekly updates from the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce. [Webpage]


Nothing about us without us

Community-led approaches 

Inclusion of people with disabilities 

Inclusion of LGBTIQA+ peoples

Inclusion of culturally-and-linguistically-diverse (CALD) people and/or people with English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL)

Gender Equality

  • COVID-19 – Why Gender Matters – collection of articles from ODI discussing various gender issues to be addressed during the pandemic. Ranging from the increase of domestic violence, to health, to livelihoods. [Webpage and PDFs]


Adapting Community Engagement 


Adapting M&E Approaches


As always, everyone at the RDI Network wishes you to remain safe, sane and informed. We will do everything in our power to keep providing you with relevant articles, webinars and other resources to help you make the best possible decisions. Together, we will get through these trying times, and we will emerge better and more prepared for what is to come.

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