Building social movements through Feminist Participatory Action Research: February update

Topics Ethical research and evaluation | Climate and the Environment | Gender
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Dr Naomi Godden

Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR) is a methodology for supporting marginalised women to demand their rights and bring about structural change. FPAR combines research, gender justice and activism through a cyclical process that is led by community members affected by a social problem. Dr Naomi Godden, Adjunct Research Fellow at Department of Social Work, Monash University, is currently leading a participatory evaluation of the Climate Justice-FPAR program at Asia Pacific Forum on Women Law and Development. RDI Network has provided some travel funding for Dr Godden to undertake this evaluation.

Update: February 2018

In 2017, the Climate Justice – Feminist Participatory Action Research (CJ-FPAR) program was launched with 10 partners from the Asia-Pacific region. Dr Godden attended the first CJ-FPAR regional training workshop in May 2017, where a young woman researcher and a mentor from each partner were introduced to the principles of FPAR and climate justice. Baseline evaluation data was also collected through interviews and observations. Partners then returned to their communities and conducted a pre-research consultation to develop the questions, area of focus and methodological options for their FPAR. In September 2017, partners gathered for a second regional training workshop to strengthen their skills in participatory research methods. Partners then finalised their FPAR methodology, and returned to their communities to collaboratively collect and analyse data about women’s experiences of climate change.

In May 2018, partners will return for a third regional training workshop to share their research findings and enhance their knowledge of advocacy in climate negotiations. They will then develop and implement advocacy plans with their communities, and return for a final programme evaluation and reflection meeting in October 2018. Dr Godden will co-facilitate this reflection meeting as a key evaluation method. She also plans to conduct field work in one-two sites in collaboration with partners to evaluate the impact of the CJ-FPAR program in their communities.

As part of Dr Godden’s commitments with RDI Network, she intends to host an FPAR workshop for Australian organisations in mid-2018. This one-day workshop will involve information and training in FPAR as a methodology for strengthening women’s social movements. APWLD and CJ-FPAR partners will also provide input to this workshop. To stay informed of the workshop plans, please contact us.

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