Australia reports progress towards Agenda 2030

Topics Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP has launched Australia’s Voluntary National Review on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this morning in Sydney. This represents a key accountability mechanism in tracking progress domestically and internationally towards the achievement of our commitment to the United Nations’ Agenda 2030, with the report to be presented formally to the international community at the upcoming High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development.

The Review offers a ‘whole-of-Australia’ vision of how the SDGs are being approached – recognising that responsibility for the Agenda lies not only with Government and its agencies, but also requires the active engagement of the private sector, civil society and academic sectors. It showcases examples of action from across all of these sectors – modelling opportunities for the significant work still required if we are to meet the 2030 deadline.

In signing up to the SDGs, Australia has made a commitment on the international stage to advance sustainability both domestically and globally. This report represents an important signpost pointing us towards strategic acceleration of action from now until 2030.
Philippa Smales, RDI Network

Demonstrating areas of significant success, as well as gaps and areas for improvement, under each goal – the report goes some way to offer a pathway forward to galvanising efforts towards the SDGs. The report also acknowledges the inherently inter-related nature of the Goals, and recognises that a siloed approach to individual goals will not lead us towards ultimately reaching sustainability through the seventeen distinct but interconnected areas.

Case studies from the work of universities and civil society partners in international development (as well as partnerships between these sectors) are presented in the final report, demonstrating the leadership being offered from these sectors in advancing the SDGs. Particular mention is given to universities who have created specific, interdisciplinary institutes and faculties “with clear links to the SDG agenda”.

The RDI Network, along with our colleagues at ACFID, have appreciated the opportunities offered to actively consult during the drafting of the Review. You can find ACFID’s media release in response to the launch here.

We look forward to using this Review as a tool to strengthen resolve across Australian society to contribute to the sustainability agenda globally.