RDI Network Member, Lisa Denney featured on DevPolicy Blog

Topics Ethical research and evaluation | Evidence-based practice | Evidence-based policy | Research and evaluation methods

First, what is the purpose of research? Is it to spend taxpayer money more effectively? To provide a platform for citizen voices? To demonstrate impact? To understand complexity and make more informed decisions?

– Lisa Denney, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Human Security and Social Change

You may well know that the Network exists to foster collaboration between like-minded academics, researchers, practitioners, and students. The aim of this is to promote the use of evidence and research into practice. We hope that by building partnerships with Australian universities and NGOs, that the Network becomes a bridge or conduit for research translating into practice and policy.

But Snapshot in Research Communication and Uptake showed many barriers and challenges to this. So Lisa Denney from the Institute for Human Security and Social Change (IHSSC) at La Trobe University has been working closely with us to further our understanding of research communication and uptake.

In fact, the Network recently held a workshop to bring together research advocates to improve the influence of research in international development. And Lisa has just written an article for DevPolicy Blog about the project. She is also urging others in the sector to share on how they cultivate a smoother relationship between research and practice.

This project will continue into 2020, and if you are interested in participating, please contact us here or email us at [email protected]